Is this the real sound of the sun recorded by NASA?

Published on Feb 17, 2016

Hello everyone! This the a video (maybe of NASA) which shows that whats actually the sound of Sun is! It creates the sound of ‘ ॐ (om). This word came from the Hindusim culture (Indian) thousands of years ago. ‘Om’ is a very powerful word frequently used in Yoga. This word is not based or meant for any religion. It is used by everyone. Produced by: Dhruv Shahrawat Clip by: Jugadi Baba, Dhruv Shahrawat Channel: DHRUV SHAHRAWAT Playlist: Supreme! Device(s) used: Micromax Canvas 4 Duration: 3:56 minutes Quality: Average (360p), Colour Platform: YouTube (IN) Language: -NA- Captions: English (UK) Rating: U/A Location: India Date released: February 18, 2016 DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT PROMOTING ANY RELIGION OR DISRESPECTING OTHERS. THIS VIDEO MAY OR MAY NOT BE TRUE SO PLEASE DON’T OVERREACT AND MAKE ANY ISSUE OUT OF IT. POSTING HATED CONTENT AND PROTESTING AGAINST THIS VIDEO WOULD NOT LEAD TO ANYTHING. RESPECT, ENJOY AND LOVE.
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