Bioresonance Diagnostics Lab Test

Bioresonance Diagnostics Lab Test

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Bioresonance Diagnostics is the missing key to wellness and the first step in overcoming illness. Personal and accurate information about the biofield and the state of the body are essential.  We will check your DNA for microorganisms, pathology and many more health topics.


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Employing the BIOREZ Meta Health Analyzer NLS combined with the Remote Resonant Chamber, we will scan your biofield remotely from your DNA (hair, finger nail).  The following types of inspections are available:

Microorganisms (aka parasites, pathogens) – check for the presence of acute/chronic infections and active parasites in the body.  126 different types of microorganisms can be identified.

Some of the main microorganisms tested include:

  • bacterias – borelia (lyme disease), e coli, h pylori, kingella, salmonella, staphylococcus, streptoccocus, toxoplasma
  • fungus – aspergillus, candidas, mucor
  • protozoa – giardia, histolytica, leishmania
  • viruses – coronaviruses*, adenovirus, AIDS, cytomegalovirus, ebola, epstein barr, hepatitis, herpes, influenzas, rhinoviruses, rotavirus
  • worms – ascaris, flukes, hook worm, pin worm, thread worm, tape worms

* including COVID-19

Pathology – check for the presence of disease and injury conditions currently taking place.  667 different types of pathologies can be identified.

Allergens – check for the presence of allergic elements including chemicals, drugs, foods, heavy metals, household.  181 different types of allergens can be identified.

Toxins – check for the presence of toxins including alcohol, caffeine, carbon monoxide, chemicals, dairy, drugs, food, gluten, injury, other metals, radiation, sugar, tobacco.  30 different types of toxins can be identified.

Foodfrom a list of 230 test items, this topic can identify beneficial foods specific to your field and present conditions. if there is a strong response to certain foods then this can signify deficiencies and foods that your body can benefit from.  230 different types of foods can be identified.

Parapharmaceuticals and Neutraceuticals – from a list of 916 test items, this topic can identify beneficial natural medicines specific to your field and present conditions.

Upon receipt of your DNA sample, we will conduct the test within 5 business days. A BIOREZ Research Lab Results Report will be prepared and uploaded to your wellness portal.  This portal is part of our wellness management system designed to organize health information for ease of communication, access and sharing.

This service does not include coaching or guidance (interpretation of the results, solutions, etc). If you are interested in receiving wellness guidance please see our Wellness Package Phase 1 Detox which can be ordered together with the Diagnostics Test or at any time after you have ordered this test.

This is not a medical examination.  Please consider verifying the information contained in the report by medical means where applicable.  If you have pre-existing pathologies or microorganisms, they might not be reported if they are currently not active.

Please complete the BIOREZ Diagnostics Testing Request and wait for our instructions before you order this service.  If your intent is to verify a medical diagnosis please include those details on this form.

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